1. Grace Shiyi Gu 顾诗怡
    Producer 制片人
    Shiyi is a producer in San Francisco bay area who is currently pursuing her MFA degree in producing at Academy of Art University. With a background in business administration, she has produced multiple projects of various budgets at AAU and out of school. She is an effective and efficient time-manager, and is talented in relationship building between cast and crew and in interdepartmental communications. 诗怡是旧金山艺术大学电影电视制片专业在读研究生。在商科背景下,她在校内外制片过多数规模不一的影视项目。她能高效把控好团队的进度,并与演员工作人员建立良好的关系及协调能力。
  2. Rain Zheng 郑小琳
    Director 导演
    Rain is a writer-director in San Francisco Bay area. She is currently pursuing her MFA degree in directing at Academy of Art University. She has an impressive ten directing credits in the United States the past year. Being a strong visual person who loves a good challenge and believes the intimacy in story telling, she is the one who can bring a unique story like this to life. 小琳是旧金山艺术大学电影电视导演专业在读研究生,且热爱编剧。她在过去一年中执导过数十部短片。拥有超强视觉感的她喜欢挑战。 她能把故事以最独特的方式展现给观众。
  3. Nick Lutz
    Screenwriter 编剧
    Nicolas is a talented screenwriter in San Francisco Bay area pursuing his BFA degree at Academy of Art University. He is currently working on three thesis projects for the AAU MPT graduate department, and has his studio approved screenplay Ryde listed in the AAU MPT blog. Nick是一名有天赋的编剧,他是旧金山艺术大学的本科在读生。他想法独特,拥有多数优秀的剧本,并与电影系有很好的合作。
  4. Christopher Tianyi Wang 王添翼
    Director of Photography 摄影指导
    Chris is an experienced cinematographer in San Francisco bay area and this is his last year as a graduate cinematography student at Academy of Arts. Apart from the projects he shot at AAU, he was also a working cinematographer in Chinese film industry who worked on multiple big productions. With his advance understanding of camera and lights, he will be responsible for capturing the movie. 添翼是旧金山艺术大学影视摄影准毕业研究生。除了在校拥有多数短片制作经验,他曾在中国参与各种大规模拍摄项目。他对摄影与灯光有深入的研究与熟练的技巧。
  5. Martell Hasley
    Production Designer 美术设计
    Martell Hasley is an active production designer in the San Francisco Bay area with a background in architecture. He is currently pursuing his MFA degree in Production Design at Academy of Art University. He has worked on multiple projects as production designer as well as set dresser. Martell是一个拥有建筑背景的场景设计师。他是旧金山艺术大学美术设计在读研究生。他参与过多数短片制作,拥有专业与熟练的经验。
  6. Cynthia Chen 陈忻
    Editor 剪辑师
    Cynthia is an experienced editor with a comprehensive understanding of the technical part in film post-production. She is currently pursuing her MFA in editing at Academy of Art. She has also participated in multiple projects inside and outside of AAU. 陈忻是一名经验丰富的剪辑师,她对电影后期的技术有着综合性理解力。她是旧金山艺术大学在读研究生,并参与过校内外多部短片制作。
  7. Albert Bowman
    Composer 编曲
    Albert is a talented composer in San Dieago. He graduated from the MFA music production program and worked as studio assistant in Swell Music and Sound. Currently, he plays guitar and bass in the psychedelic progressive rock group ‘AJ Froman’ based in San Diego, California. Albert crafts a unique sound reflecting a modern composer. Albert是圣地亚哥一名有天赋的作曲人。他在音乐制作研究生毕业后,在Swell音乐公司做助理。现在他还是AJ Froman乐队的吉他和贝斯手。他总能创作出独特的音乐。
  8. Davarieus Fox
    Sound Designer 声音设计
    Davarieus Fox is a SF based music composer and sound designer, doing his last semester at AAU, majoring in music production and sound design. He is part of an independent label based in San Francisco, where he composes music for the artist. He also worked as sound designer for various movie production and will again use the magic of sound to show your our rendition of future. Davarieus是旧金山的一名电影音效设计师。 在结束自己的部队生涯之后,他回到了三番,在一个独立制作公司当中开始担任编曲,并在多部影片担任声音设计.
  9. Lynette Chang 常建瑤
    Costume Supervisor 服装总监
    Lynette is a graduate student at Academy of Art University majoring fashion merchandising. So far she has worked as a member of the creative team on fashion films, photoshoots as well as dramatic film. Her expertise and professional understanding will for sure be a solid force to bring our production to life. 建瑤是旧金山艺术大学的一名时装系研究生。她的工作经验涵盖了时装电影,时装商业照片,剧情电影多个方面。
  10. Edward Ye 叶翔宇
    VFX Supervisor 特效总监
    Edward Ye, Graduated from China University of Geosciences. Now studying in Academy of Art University. Six years' experience in animation and three years' in visual effects. Currently working as a CG texture and lighter in StudioX. 翔宇,中国地质大学毕业,现在旧金山艺术大学攻读特效硕士学位。他有一共六年的动画, 以及三年的特效工作经验。目前,他在STUDIO X 担任特效材质和打光师